Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

DATE – 17/03/2020   |   AUTHOR – Gary Carter

Following yesterdays announcement from the British Government concerning social distancing to limit the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak, I find myself in the very sad and difficult position to have to cancel a number of bookings with Streetbeat Disco.

I will give general advice and answer the most common questions below. Any future updates will be added to this post.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be in direct contact with you in reference to your specific booking(s) should your booking be affected.


Firstly, I would like to say that if you are affected by a cancellation, that I am very sorry for any stress, inconvenience and heartache this may cause. I fully appreciate some events have had months, even years of planning and have very emotional ties.

Please remember it’s easier to postpone an event rather than live knowing that a decision made, against official advice, may have ultimately resulted in loss of life.

If you need any information or advice in relation to the Coronavirus itself, please use the links provided to the official Government and World sites.



Several customers today have been in contact to cancel or re-arrange their bookings. If we have not done so already, we will contact each of you directly as soon as possible.

Hopefully in most cases you will be able to postpone your event to a later date. This may not be as simple as it sounds because nobody knows for sure how long the UK will be affected by this virus. With this in mind we are happy to put everything on hold until a time it is sensible to select and agree a new date.



It is impossible to know how far ahead to cancel events and this will vary depending on the type of event and individual circumstances.

With this in mind we will introduce a rolling 4 week cancellation system.

This means – If you have not been in contact to re-arrange your booking and there are 4 weeks or less before your event, we shall contact you to discuss how best to proceed with your event. This will usually be the point at which the event is postponed or cancelled if the Coronavirus situation has not improved.


Everybody, including us will have a financial impact in some way due to the virus outbreak. We can only hope that Government financial support finds its way to individuals and small local businesses who will be hardest hit and require the help most.

With the exception of some booking fees we intend to give full refunds already paid for events that need to be cancelled due to Coronavirus COVID-19.

We usually charge a non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee to cover the allocation of dates which can no longer be sold. It also covers the costs of paperwork, telephone calls, stamps, office supplies, ensuring equipment is tested and available for use on any given date and of course the time to do this.

If you have paid a booking fee or have made additional payment(s) you can do one of the following:

1. If you wish to cancel your booking and you have paid a booking fee, that fee is not refundable, unless your booking has been placed for less than 14 days up to Monday 16th March 2020 when the Government announced the start of social distancing.

If you have paid any additional balance we will refund that balance in full.

2. If you wish to postpone your booking due to COVID-19, we have taken steps to allow any booking fees to be transferable to a new date (not transferable from person to person). This transfer is currently limited to within 12 months of your original event date. We may extended this time scale pending ongoing developments and Government advice.

If you have paid any additional balance we can either hold this on account, or refund it. Any refunded amount plus any outstanding balance would be due to be paid on or before the new re-arranged event date.



This is going to be a very hard time for you, for me, for everyone both personally and in work & business. Many small businesses will not survive, indeed a number of large business will come to an end too.

Thank you for reading this and your understanding of the situation.

I think and really hope, at this point in time that we, Streetbeat Disco should be able to make it through. Thank you for your ongoing support.

I would also like to add a huge thank you to a number of my customers who have still insisted on paying a percentage towards the bookings they have cancelled. I can’t thank you enough this will really help. And, I look forward to seeing you on a dance floor again soon!


From the DJ & Owner Gary Carter.

If you have any questions about your specific booking(s) please feel free to contact me by calling 01392 469138 or by emailing

Daughters 6th Birthday Disco (Recommended)

I recently hired Streetbeat for a disco for my daughter’s 6th birthday and Gary was amazing…. fully interacted with the children and parents playing games and helping me let parents and children know when food was ready/the cake etc.

I highly recommend him. Very happy with the service and overall disco received.

Will definitely book again. 🙂

Tia Carrera (Exeter)
Facebook Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Brickhouse Vineyard Wedding

Hi Gary,

Just wanted to send over a huge thank you for Saturday evening.

All of our family and friends have said how good the music and setup was and we all had a brilliant time.

We really appreciated how easy the booking and planning process was and how seamlessly you organised the set up.

We won’t hesitate in recommending you to all of our family and friends.

Thanks again, The Morgans

Tom & Henrietta (Newton Abbot)
via email

10th & 16th Birthdays (Recommendation)

Gary did my daughters 10th birthday in May.

Gary was brilliant with the children, they had special needs, kept them entertained for 2 hours wiv bubbles games etc at the end of the 2 hours had very happy tired children kept informed, polite very patient deffo recommend.

Gary did my daughters 16th in June.

Not many turned up so was hard to keep them involved, Gary was very patient and got them involved he did amazing at getting the music that my daughter wanted at her party deffo would recommend.

Ka Jane (Exeter)
Facebook Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Tavistock Wedding Disco

Hi Gary,

Hope you’re well.

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you very much for putting on a great party for us on Saturday and filling the dance floor.

We both had an incredible day and really enjoyed the evening – my feet were killing me by the end of the night from all the dancing!!

Thanks again

Kirby and Alex (Tavistock)
Via email

5th Birthday Disco Recommendation

Gary provided the disco for my daughter’s 5th birthday party and everyone had an amazing time.

He was very professional throughout the whole booking process and had a fantastic rapport with the children which meant they all had lots of fun!

Would highly recommend him! Thank you

Hannah K (Exeter)
Facebook Recommendation: Highly Recommended

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