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Terms & Conditions



0.1   “the customer” is the person, firm, corporate or public body hiring the disco. Any person purporting to act on behalf of the customer shall be bound by these terms of business.

0.2   “the booking” is the communication by phone, in person or by written request for the disco to perform in accordance with the details and times agreed upon therein.

0.3   “the booking date” is the date upon which the disco is booked to perform; otherwise referred to as “the event”.

0.4   “the disco” is the company and or person(s) and the equipment supplied to perform.  

0.5   “the venue” is the place or building where the event is to be held.


1.1   Streetbeat Disco shall supply entertainment as per the booking details, either directly, or by sub-contract.

1.2   All bookings are accepted at our discretion.

1.3   We do not take provisional bookings.

1.4   The date at which the booking is placed shall be the date of the agreement.

1.5   If required, any extra or special equipment can usually be hired at an agreed extra cost to the customer.

1.6   By mutual agreement between the customer, the disco, and the venue’s staff and management, the agreed finishing time may be extended, but only in accordance with licensing laws. The extended finishing time will incur an agreed extra cost to the customer. The disco’s decision whether to continue is final.

1.7   All bookings are made in accordance with Streetbeat Disco’s Terms of Business.


2.1   PPL and PRS licences are, in most instances, required to play music legally in public. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the venue or event has the correct licensing in place.

NB. These licenses are not required for a private event that is closed to the public.

For more information please visit the PRS and PPL websites:

2.2   The venue must have an adequate mains power supply of 230V@50Hz available on 32Amp ring mains. Depending on the equipment used, one to four 13amp wall sockets, located within 10 metres from the disco setup area will be required. If the wall sockets are located further than this please call to arrange additional cable hire.

Strict requirements are in place if a venues power is supplied by a generator. Please call for details.

2.3   Reasonable access to the venue and to the area where the equipment is to be set up is required. Access details must be communicated at time of booking. The disco retains the right not to perform should the access be considered unreasonable by the disco. (Term Ref. 3.5)

2.4   The disco supplied to perform has the right to refuse to set up equipment or perform if it is felt that there is danger of damage to equipment, to personal safety, or to the safety of others. (Term Ref. 3.5)


3.1   The terms of the booking agreement may not be modified except by mutual consent, in writing and signed by both the customer and the disco.

3.2   The customer may cancel any booking free of charge within 14 days of making the booking.

3.3   Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the event date will result in payment in full upon demand. (Unless 3.1)

3.4   Failure to communicate a cancellation to Streetbeat Disco will result in payment in full upon demand.

3.5   Refusal to perform by the disco due to breach of any of these conditions will result in payment in full upon demand.

3.6   Payments are to be in cash, by cheque (made payable to: Mr. G. Carter) or by BACS.

3.7   Unless otherwise arranged, a deposit of £50 is to be paid with the return of the booking agreement form. Any outstanding balance must be paid in full at the event.

3.8   Late payment will be charged at the UK base rate plus 8% as per “The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998”, as amended and supplemented by the “Late Payments of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002”.


4.1   The customer accepts full responsibility for the actions of all persons in attendance at the event  (other than the disco staff) which may result in loss or damage to equipment, and/or injury to person(s)

4.2   The customer accepts full liability for any and all equipment supplied by Streetbeat or by a third party for the event, which has been damaged, lost or stolen.

4.3   All subsequent hire charges to Streetbeat as a result of damaged and/or stolen equipment, and/or injury to person(s) (as in term 4.1 and/or term 4.2) shall be the customer’s liability.

4.4   Any loss of earnings by Streetbeat, disco staff or a third party as a result of damaged and stolen equipment and/or injury to person(s) (as in term 4.1 and/or term 4.2) will be the customer’s liability.

4.5   Any subsequent charges to Streetbeat from a third party due to damage, theft or loss will be the customer’s liability.


5.1   Streetbeat Disco reserves the right to change these terms of business, equipment & services we supply or company specification without notice.

5.2   The amount and type of equipment used at the event should be as agreed at time of booking. However, due to the venue size, safety and other considerations, it remains the responsibility of the disco supplied to determine what equipment is to be used.

5.3   The customer agrees to accept these terms of business upon signing the booking agreement form. All terms must be adhered to unless otherwise arranged and agreed in writing.

The following effect machines are regularly used within disco environments. Although problems arising from the use of these machines are extremely rare, we advise, that if you know of, or suspect that a person or persons may be at risk from the use of such equipment, you should inform the disco staff immediately, so that the use of that equipment may be reduced or stopped.


Smoke Machines

The use of smoke machines may cause irritation to sufferers of severe respiratory disorders.


Bubble & Snow Machines

The use of these machines may cause skin or eye irritations, and may cause discolouration or damage to some fabrics. Some floor surfaces may become slippery for a short period immediately after use.


Strobe Lighting

The use of strobe lighting may cause some people to experience disorientation and possibly epileptic seizures.


Moving & Flashing Lights

The use of lighting that flashes or moves may cause some people to experience disorientation and in extreme cases epileptic seizures.


PAT Testing

As part of our compliance with the electricity at work regulation 1989 we perform regular formal visual inspections and annual PAT testing of all our mains electrical equipment.

PAT Certificates:

  • PAT 2012 – 2013
  • PAT 2013 – 2014
  • PAT 2015 – 2016
  • PAT 2016 – 2017
  • PAT 2017 – 2018

PLI Insurance

Streetbeat Disco is a full member of AMPdj the largest support network for mobile DJs in the UK. We are fully compliant with their code of conduct and are covered by £10 million PLI underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance.

PLI Certificate:


DBS Certificate

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) helps prevent unsuitable people working with vulnerable groups, including children. It replaces the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

DBS Certificate:


COSHH Documents

We often use substances such as smoke or snow fluids which people may come into contact with at our events. Here are the manufacturers official safety documents.  

COSHH Data Sheets:

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