Bubble Machine Hire

Bubble Machine Hire

A great effect and fantastic value for money

A bubble machine produces a fantastic effect by generating a continuous stream of bubbles. With a variable output we can ensure you have the right amount of bubbles for your event. Both children and adults love to pop those bubbles!


Perfect for children’s parties

Turn up the output to max and thousands and thousands of bubbles quickly fill the room. Watch as the children (and adults) try to pop as many as they can! Or, if you’re up for the challenge try to catch one!


Great for weddings

By turning the output down and reducing the output we can produce a much more subtle effect. Bubbles float gently over the dance floor making a picturesque backdrop for your first dance.

It will help keep children entertained too.

Bubble Machine Features

  • Up to 4000 bubbles per minute
  • Variable output*
  • Great fun for kids
  • Beautiful at weddings
  • Very cost effective
  • No mess

*On some machines.

Frequently asked questions

Will it make the floor slippery?


Some floor surfaces may become slippery while others may not become slippery at all. We use a professional ‘dry liquid’ solution designed to help minimise the risk of slipping.

During operation we closely monitor the conditions and limit use where necessary.

Is it messy?


A bubble machine will not be messy if used in moderation. Use it too much however and it may leave a sticky residue after use.

Is it noisy?


There are two fairly high powered fans used to produce and project the bubbles from the machine, but they are not very loud. Under disco conditions this is not an issue at all.

Will it be on all the time?


Although most bubble machines are able to operate continuously with only occasional fluid top-ups, we generally only use bubble machines for short periods of time for indoor events. This primarily ensures the floor surface doesn’t become slippery. But also, with hundreds of bubbles around you all the time the novelty would quickly wear off – probably!

Hire Prices

Bubble Machines

Chauvet B550 Bubble King: £10.00

NOTE: This item is only available as part of an existing disco booking.


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